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Café Tostado de Exportación Los Portales de Córdoba boasts decades of experience and dedication in the coffee industry. Over 30 years ago we became the leading company in our country and over 20 years ago we began exporting coffee worldwide. Early twenty first century poses new challenges and goals to us, among which the most important is doing business around the globe. The increase in the consumption of coffee in this country has been similar to its economic development.

This is a great opportunity not only to attract new partners and expand our activities, but also to learn from a place that is showing the rest of the world how discipline and hard work lead to success.

Café Tostado de Exportación Los Portales de Córdoba is not a leading company just for its multiple technologies, such as innovation in the decaffeination process, or the huge amount of awards and recognition received, but for its firm commitment to quality and client satisfaction.



Our company is the first one in the sector that is registered to ISO 9001:2000, which reflects our compliance with international quality standards. Nowadays, we are registered to multiple world class certifications that stand us out from our competitors.

The key to meet this commitment lies in our most valuable resource, our team, which is made up of people passionately and honestly dedicated to their job. In addition, it is balanced by the experience and expertise of those who have been working for a long time, with the energy and open-mindedness of the new generations. Thus, we keep us avant-garde and ready to face the challenges of a globalized world.

At Café Tostado de Exportación/Los Portales de Córdoba we are proud of being part of this great company, where our clients’ satisfaction through our excellent products is our top priority. 


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